A few years ago, I mentioned to a friend that I felt lost. Work didn’t fit, I was at odds with friends and family, and I was generally feeling rudderless in life. As a widowed mother of triplets, everywhere I went, I felt as if I was on display. To help, a pal thoughtfully suggested that, “Maybe people are just looking at your hair; you know thinking, the poor girl hasn’t brushed her hair since Chris, her husband, died.” Smart guy, he made me laugh.

Weeks later, I was retelling the story, and a friend asked why I was obsessed with people looking at me? My answer would change the way I viewed family and myself forever. You see, in a snappish voice, I said, “they’re probably looking to see if I fall apart or breakdown!” but as the words tumbled out of my mouth, I realized how wrong I was. In that instant, I understood people weren’t waiting to see me explode; instead, they looked at me with gratitude. When they saw my tiny family, they saw their mortality and, while their lives may not be perfect, they were, in fact, intact, and for that, they were grateful.

So who are we?

I’m a widowed mother of triplets. They are three AMAZING college-bound kids. We are a goofy family that enjoys the company of Daisy, the dog, and Zazz, the evil cat. We’ve learned that if we live to inspire gratitude in people, Chris’s death meant something, and he would continue to touch lives.

Please fasten your seat belts and enjoy the wild ride that is The Art of Living Lost!