The Art of Living Lost: Anger to Elation

IMG_8995I was so angry this morning; raising teenagers, it’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times.

I love my kids; they’re kind and loving and I’m always amazed at their brilliance and compassion.  However, sometimes they really irk me and I want to leave them in a basket at church.  This morning’s slow pace and snotty attitudes, left me looking for a basket.

After they left for school, I became angrier and angrier as I shovelled my way through the kitchen and hauled laundry — all before settling into a jam-packed work day.  I was so mad, that I sat at my computer to type a note that they would find when they got home.  No, I wouldn’t be home to ask them about their day and dole out love and snacks, instead they would find a tersely worded letter and cold fish tacos!

As I typed the note, I was sly sympathizing with the effort required to do well in school and I explained how I understood what it was like to juggle family and friends.  Then, I laid it on them, the five-mile walk to school I had to endure, uphill, both ways!  The mean girls and the things I wasn’t invited to; I went on to described a party where EVERYONE was invited EXCEPT me.  How’s that for hard luck?  I was singled out — no party for me!

Oh, I remember it well!

Back then (circa 1975) to salvage the day, I invited a friend to my house where we swam and played.  It turned out to be a pretty great day, and I think of that experience from time to time; mostly when I contemplate the simple life lessons that have turned me into the woman I am today. What was her name?  Reba something?  I wonder what happened to her?  Did she turn out to be a rocking cool chick?

Maybe, maybe not.  You’ll have to wait on this,

I will say that yesterday, for a moment, I was so angry and felt completely invisible, and yet within a few key strokes (oops!) I was completely elated!  Life’s exactly that way isn’t it?  One minute we feel angry and sad, and the next happy and joyous.  We’re blessed at how quickly things turn around!

Now go, decorate those trees, dust off your menorah AND have a super week,