The Art of Living Lost: Bras, Panties and Camis — Oh My!

IMG_9271 (1)A friend recently sent me a text asking if I was “interested in being a model in exchange for a free breakfast”.  I responded with a resounding YES, since that’s what friends are for, RIGHT?

Right, that’s what friends are for…

Full disclosure?  My friend sells lingerie and I’d just agreed to strut my stuff at an 8AM Chamber of Commerce breakfast. As I rallied the troops in support of her endeavors, one of my business partners sheepishly questioned whether I’d be representing our company, you know, in my underwear?

Geez, I hoped not.

Luckily the day of the show, I found myself in a sporty pair of harem pants, a form-fitting tee-shirt and pretty matching jacket.  An infinity scarf covered my décolletage and I added a pair scrappy sandals to offset the gait of an exhausted mother.  As my friend introduced each piece of clothing, I walked through the audience, smiling and giggling nervously.  When she asked me to shed the scarf and show the fit of the tee; I, in what can only be described as a cringy moment, opened the jacket and literally flashed some poor, very, very young insurance salesman.  Clearly horrified, I scurried back to collect my free breakfast.

Safely hidden in the back of the room, I settled into my meal as a woman spoke to the Chamber members about a charity serving women with cancer. Knowing one of my friends had experience with the charity I encouraged her to share a few words.  When she was done, a gentleman approached her explaining that his wife recently died of cancer; they chatted briefly and she returned to my hiding spot and asked if I’d like to speak with him?  Sure, give him my name, number, have him text me.

Or, as she suggested, I could just close my jacket and introduce myself.

Since my plate was empty, I went over and said hello.  He was a very nice, so I told him to call me and we’d get our kids together. Gushing with gratitude he was surprised that I would extend such an offer; I assured him someday he’d pay it forward.

Kindness quota filled, I changed and left.

In the car, I sat to check e-mail and found a note from my new friend paraphrased as follows:

I am so happy that we met this morning. I surely didn’t get out of bed thinking I would be having that conversation at the chamber breakfast. Our conversation was so comforting and I can already tell you are someone special.  Thank you for making my day!

By the way you and your girls looked beautiful at the fashion show this morning.

I laughed out loud at his inadvertent reference to the girls and was elated by his heart-felt comments.

So —

Since we are on a roll, I’d like to throw out another universal law — the Law of Cause and Effect.

Last Friday this universal law played out perfectly — by making a choice to do something OUTSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE, I set in motion a series of events that, in the end, brought me great joy.  I helped a friend, encouraged a pal, comforted a man, and in turn, I received confirmation that what I do everyday means something.  Yay,

Have a great week!