The Art of Living Lost: I’ve Got Nothing

IMG_9661It’s 4:45 on Thursday; I have a meeting in Princeton in an hour and, I’ve got nothing to post to the BLOG.  No lost moments, crazy trips, or far-flung antics turned life-lesson.

Instead it’s been an amazing week filled with fun, family and friends.  I guess sometimes, all the pieces of your life fall into place and you’re left with a sense of peace and gratitude.

If you’d have asked me four years ago if the tragic death of my husband would have inspired me to follow my heart finding such joy, I would have kicked you in the shins!  But, here we are almost 49 months to the day and I’m more grounded and sure of myself than ever.

So while I may have “nothing” at this moment, today I have everything — and for that I am grateful!

Have a great week,