The Art of Living Lost: Linked Together

Linked“The more we are restricted within ourselves, the more unhappy we become.  We were always meant to explore and go beyond, to have more experiences, to learn more, to enrich our world.  It’s our souls purpose to explore and enhance who we are.” — Dr. Mary Ann Pellegrino EdD, The InnerTouch School.

It’s the aforementioned quote that led me on my latest adventure.  About six weeks ago I was asked to speak on WebTalkRadio.  Intending to get a better idea of what to expect from the host Connie Whitman, I listened to past interviews and was inspired by the episode titled Science or Mystical Information.  In the interview Dr. Mary Ann Pellegrino elaborates on the opening quote by saying that “she meets people who look back on their lives and they say what have I done for the last ten years?”  “If they don’t feel like they’ve accomplished what they’ve expected, they are unhappy”.  And while I’m far from unhappy with my life, how Connie responded moved me; she said “good is the enemy of great, when things are good we settle in and we stay comfortable — become complacent.  It’s when things go bad that things shake up and we have to change, we are forced to make changes. You have to break out and challenge your comfort zone. This is where the learning begins. Where the growth begins.”

Realizing that my journey through The Art of Living Lost is my path to change and, believing my soul was meant to explore and enhance who I am, I called Dr. Pellegrino and scheduled a sit-down.

Mary Ann and I met in scenic Ybor City, a neighborhood in Tampa that’s home to the oldest restaurant in Florida called Columbia Restaurant.  While dining on yummy food, we discussed family and friends and contemplated business strategies.  Mary Ann shared stories of her educational and travel experiences and I gushed over the coffee.  It was a lovely conversation.  Dr. Pellegrino truly bridges the gap between scientific and mystical teachings.  If you understand quantum mechanics and the relationship between waves and particles, most of our conversation made sense; our common frequencies linked Mary Anne and I together.

Which led me to my one official interview question, “has there been a time in your life where you have felt lost and yet found joy?”  Her reply is intriguing  “I found love for myself which became joy within and the feeling of lost was no more.” Very elegantly stated.  Love.  Joy.  Lost.  All words that have become part of my daily vocabulary.  This was truly an enlightening adventure!

Have a great week,