The Art of Living Lost: The List

Photographer -- Betsy Martin @betsysinclair

Photographer — Betsy Martin @betsysinclair

Last year over coffee and kids, two summer-time friends asked me about my love life; had I met anyone? Was I dating?  The answer to both questions was the same; no and no.

Over the years I’ve gone on a few dates that frankly, weren’t worth the effort.  Truth be told, I’m at an odd age; I’m not old enough to retire from the love game and I am too old to get married and start another family.

Not to be deterred by my blatant disinterest, my pals decided that I should make a list of what I wanted in a man — just so I’d recognize him when I saw him.

Unfortunately, after some giggles and some thought, I had nothing.  I had no idea what would make a suitable companion.  As it turned out they had a list and, for the next ten minutes, I sat quietly as they rattled off the attributes of the perfect partner.  Here’s the original list in the order they deemed proper:

  • Confident and not intimidated by women
  • Funny
  • Smart
  • Financially secure
  • Understands family
  • Someone, that if he was a girl, you’d still be friends

I added chemistry; let’s just leave it at that…

So, with the list in hand, I chugged the rest of my coffee, collected my kids, and went home.

A few weeks later, I found the list and tacked it on a cork board in my office.  As I looked at the list, I decided to add three items that I thought would round out my perfect guy:

  • Someone I could confide in
  • Someone I could trust
  • Someone who would take care of me

Satisfied, I re-pinned the list to my office wall and went on with my life.

Over the next few months, I raced a sports car, cursed along with Five Finger Death Punch and navigated a glacial mass.  Today, NOW, it’s time to exercise another universal law — the Law of Attraction.

I’ve put my list out there?  What’s on your list?

It doesn’t need to be a love list; it can be a life list.

You only get one life — what do you wish to accomplish?

Write it down and let’s see what happens.

Have a great week,