The Art of Living Lost: Another Woman’s Story

forestThis week I’d like share a tiny tale about loss, love and learning to live again.

It’s impossible to fathom the public loss of a loved one.  The woman who shares her story is a tireless advocate for those who are left behind; forging her own path on life’s road to recovery.   Along the way, when the road was most difficult, she was guided by a gift from her husband.  It’s his prophetic words that would propel her towards to her truest self.

Her dream:  I saw my husband sitting in his recliner.  (I love this part!)

He said:  If God had offered him a one-way ticket to heaven in August, he would have said no.  But if God came to him in January and offered him a one-way ticket back, he would say no because knew he was home.  He was fine and he wanted me to move forward and be happy with our boys.

My friend would share these words over and over again until it became who she was; a blessed soul with the gift of love and compassion.  She believes that “while we didn’t pick our path, we do pick our path”.  It was with this in mind that she took the opportunity to create her amazing destiny!

I have a small plaque in my bathroom that says “Sink or Swim”.  There were many times in the early years of my bereavement that I was so sad I couldn’t move.  One morning I looked at the sign and said out loud “today I choose to swim.”  It was that simple.  That day I chose my path.  I decided that if I was lost, I was going to be the best lost ever!

My pal knew what I learned that day; it’s your life — live it — or not.  You choose.

Have a great week,