The Art of Living Lost: Stages of Grief as Defined by MOI!

feetThe five stages of grief defined by Elisabeth Kübler-Ros are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  The TEN stages of grief as defined by MOI are shock, energizer bunny, fat, doormat, fatter, cheese-stands-alone, exercise, pissed-off, lost and, my favorite, JOY.   I’ll skip shock to protect the innocent; let’s just say, no matter how ready you are, death is shocking.

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The Art of Living Lost: Oh Good Grief!

IMG_6054Thursday, November 19th was National Children’s Grief Awareness Day.  In honor of the people who lovingly dedicate their time to support our grieving children, I’m re-posting a BLOG I wrote describing our personal grief experience.

So, is there such a thing as Good grief?  Good food?  Yes.  Good wine?  Absolutely!  But Good grief, who knew?  As parents of triplets, Chris and I were a team; disciplined and organized.  Three babies, two parents?  No problem. Changing, feeding, dressing, reading, math, history; somehow, we got it done.  After Chris died, I wondered how I would adjust to raising kids, managing a home and running a business.  When it came to grief, we just ambled along.  I asked the kids questions from the age appropriate checklists.  Are you angry?  Are you depressed?  Do you understand that Dad is never coming back?  No, no and yes.  We were fine, right?  Life went on.  So what if I cried in the car every day and I took five-hour naps? We still got up, got dressed and did homework.

We. Were. Fine.

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