The Art of Living Lost: Run Baby Run!


Since it’s time for me to register for the Good Grief 5k Run and Walk for HOPE I thought I’d re-post an excerpt from the BLOG I wrote after my first run.  Enjoy the read,

As you can imagine, the last year has been a time of change; friends and family have changed, voices have changed, and pets have come and gone.  Through out this time, the only thing I seemed to be able to control was my body and my work out routine.  Manly push-ups, goofy pull-ups and thousands of stairs that led nowhere; I was a woman on a mission!

When I saw the opportunity to take part in the Good Grief 5k Run and Walk for HOPE, I happily registered.  Who better to give back to then the folks who’ve provided a joyous, pizza filled, experience for my beautiful family?   The problem; while I could easily do 50 push-ups, I ran a 17-minute mile.  That’s it — 17 minutes — one mile.  How fast could I walk the last two miles?  Probably not fast enough.   Maybe I could just pick up the t-shirt — no one would be the wiser right?  OK, I’d know and what kind of example is that to set for my kids?  Plus, I’d signed up to run in honor of Chris.  OY, the dilemma!

It was with this in mind that I diligently trained for six weeks.  Fortunately, the Saturday before the race, I was able to squeak out three miles in 47 minutes.  Not great, but an overall improvement.  On the day of the race, I ran the first mile in under 10 minutes.   The second mile proved to be more challenging.  My spirit and enthusiasm left me; I walked the second half of the second mile.  Tears and sweat made my anti-wrinkle cream burn my eyes.  Then I felt a tap on my left shoulder.  It was firm but swift; the runner indicated via hand signal that we were running neck and neck and to “lets go”.   We ran in sync for the last mile and I happily finished in 37 minutes — 200th place — right behind my shoulder tapper.

At the finish line, my tapper reached for water; I reached for her and gave her a big sweaty hug.  My kids were there to congratulate me so I introduced them to the tapper; her name was Christa.  While we waited for the last results, I basked in the love and adoration of my kids and I missed Chris.  I know he would have scoffed at my impulsive, ill thought out entry into yet another 5k.  However, like all my other “Lucy-like” schemes, he would have been the first person to stare in amazement at my tenacity.  It wasn’t until the ride home that it hit me; Christa’s physical tap was Chris’ spiritual tap of encouragement.  Her single gesture of kindness inspired me to recognize the abundant signs of love, hope and faith in my life and for this, I am grateful.

Please feel free to join my family and I on Sunday, June 5th!  It’s a magical day and you’ll experience the joyous, hopeful side of grief; we in the biz call it Good Grief.  For more information and to sponsor the gal with the macaroni strainer on her head, checkout 5k Run and Walk for Hope

Have a great week!