The Art of Living Lost: Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

As an American of Italian descent, my holiday meals are generally synchronized works of art. So this year, when I asked Mr. Rogers what he would like to add to our holiday meal, I was pleasantly surprised when all he asked for was corn.

Corn? I’ve never had corn as part of my Thanksgiving feast. I can EASILY do corn.

Walking the isles of the supermarket, I carefully selected crisp asparagus and beautiful artichokes. Picking up corn on the cob, I asked Mr. Rogers if he would like me to leave it on the cob or cut it off? In the time it took me to calculate the number of cobs required to feed nine people, Mr. Rogers said –get two cans.

Two cans? Are you sure you don’t want me to at least get a bag of frozen corn?

Nope. Two cans.


IMG_3228 (1)Giggling I splurged for the name brand.  Am I lucky or what?

I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!