The Art of Living Lost: Manifestations and Mantras


A few years ago, my kids and I were driving to the beach; knowing parking would be horrendous, I said, “let’s try to manifest a parking space.” Come on, guys, imagine the perfect space; we pull right in, grab our towels, and run to the beautiful, blue water’s edge.

Got it? Now keep that picture in your mind; pleasant and relaxing. Beautiful and blue.

And then, a silver Honda Civic cut us off, forcing me to slam on the brakes.

Taking a deep breath, I told the kids to “go back to the beach, back to the warm sand, back to the cool water”; that’s when my daughter replied, “all I can see is the silver Honda Civic.”

No, no, no! Nice and relaxing. Warm. Cool. Beautiful. Blue. Imagine it,

Taking a deep breath, we drove the 45-minute-half-mile trip to the beach; pulling into what is always a chaotic parking lot, we found a few open spaces, all of which were scooped up seconds before us, by silver Honda Civics.

Frustrated, we left the beach and drove home.

To this day, forever manifested, when I even think about parking my car, I look up to see a silver Honda Civic. Which leads me to the point of this BLOG; I believe thoughts become things. The lists I’ve made, declarations I’ve written, and mantras I’ve subconsciously repeated to myself have come true. Good and bad.

The good I’ll take — the bad? Those I’d like to kick to the curb.

I bet you have a few hard stuck mental mantra’s you’d like to erase from your random access memory? Stop now — what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Please take a deep breath and let it go. Or embrace it. You decide.

Until next week,

Attribution alert: The ‘Thought Become Things’ tagline was trademarked by Mike Dooley. His daily The Universe Talks (TUT’s) are “designed to remind you that you have, indeed, been given dominion over all things.” When I first started receiving the TUT’s, I thought they were cute in a hokey sort of way; until they began to speak to me.

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